Screw Conveyor

Screw Conveyor

For powder, granule, conveyor to higher hopper, equip with packaging machine, ribbon blender, linear weigher, filling machine.


DTC series screw conveyor can be powder or granular plastic materials transported within the hopper is a device-specific color mixer. The contact objects are made of stainless steel, transportation of raw materials not subject to the process of pollution, do not bring any outside objects, enabling the production process to achieve full closure of automation. Easy to install and can be moved, such as multiple spices machine using the same material, just a platform feeder for multiple spices simultaneously feeding machine, eliminating the trouble of artificial feeding, the feeding work has become more secure, less time and more effort.

Technical parameters

ModelBaiting power (kw)Shoving power (kw)Feeding diameter (mm)Baiting quantity (kg/h)Case content (kg)Case dimension (mm)Weight (kg)