How to track and cut each packet with correct postion in packer machine

In order to ensure the integrity of the logo pattern on the packaged finished bag, the color code for positioning is usually printed when the packaging material is produced. When using such a color-coded packaging material, the color mark can be tracked and positioned by a photoelectric switch (electric eye), and the stepping motor is driven to rotate by the control system and automatically stopped according to the distance between the color marks, so that the finished product logo pattern is complete and accurate.

The main product lines of packaging machinery include: quantitative packaging scales, automatic packaging machines, balers, strapping machines, bagging machines, packing machines, winding machines, designing various conveying lines; at the same time, producing and selling various packaging materials such as packaging film.

To track each packet and cut correctly without messing and confused with the design logo etc, we use the eye sensor, or the so-called ”Photoelectric eye”. Below is what it functional from:

  1. Luminaire: consists of several light-emitting units that emit infrared light.
  2. Receiver: consists of a number of light-receiving units that receive infrared light and correspond to the illuminator to form a protective light curtain that generates a light-passing and shading signal that is transmitted to the controller via a signal cable.
  3. Controller: It supplies power to the illuminator and receiver, and processes the light and shading signals generated by the receiver, generates control signals, controls the alarm control circuit of the machine tool or other equipment, and realizes the machine parking or safety alarm. The controller can be divided into a built-in controller (N) and an external controller (P) and a J-type safety interface; the built-in controller is compact and compact, and can be installed in the electrical cabinet of a machine tool or other equipment; external control The structure is beautiful and firm, and can be directly installed on the machine bed wall or other equipment; the J-type safety interface is dedicated to the system that needs level signal control to provide power and complete signal processing to ensure safe and reliable signal transmission.
  4. Signal cable: used to transmit signals between the controller and the illuminator and receiver.
  5. Control cable: used to connect controllers and machine tools and equipment to achieve safe control of machine tools or other equipment.