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What kind of packing materials will work with the machine?

Any heatable laminated packing film, such as cellophane/polythene, polyester/ aluminized /polythene, polyester/polypropylene, BOPP film, nylon laminated film, etc.

It will work either the film rolls come from our company’s or other companies’.

Which material I should choose?

Different project use different materials. Please provide your project and the prefer ideal sample to our sales team to have advice and quote.

How many roll I should order this time?

Depend on whether this is just a testing purpose or long term using purpose. Please contact our sales team, check which type and how many would be the advice choice.

How soon I can receive these rolls?

Depend on the material types and quantities. In few days ship out if on stock and less quantity(such as few rolls); In few weeks when customized and large order required(such as 300kg).

How many packet I can get per kilo of the rolling film?

Depend on packet width, length, design artwork, material component and thickness. It’s always difficult to calculate unless all informations confirm and with a large quantity order like 500kg.

Do you have any other customized design or colors out of above four types?

Our four types will be available in any order quantity, small or large that depends on you. So the answer is no, customized roll required more days and 500kg as minimum order.