Dry Grinder

Model: FG-180/250/320/350/400

High speed of operation activities fluted disc and fixed fluted disc of relative motion between, shattered by the tooth things impact, shear and friction and material each other collision comprehensive effect to achieve the purpose of grinding material.

Dry Grinder with Dust Collecting Absorption

Model: FG-D250/D320/D350

Suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries, etc. Fully made of stainless steel.  It is a new generation of pulverizer with durable working life and reliable quality.

How to choose which one better for my project?

First one(FG model) is simple, and when budget is the first priority. Second one(FG-D model) have extra dust collection system which make the working room higher standard and better environment for people, and a storage system so save man-power to collect the powder coming out.

Why 380V all models except FG-180?

These grinders are very powerful and only the smallest model have 220V option left.

Is it safe for food? GMP Standard?

Yes, machines build in food grade stainless steel. Suitable for Food, chemical, medicine…

Is it shiny like the picture or just promotion purpose?

Yes, we use better grade of stainless steel, and it do shiny all over. Please contact our sales to get real machine photos if interest.